Soap Making

Soap Making Process

We make all of our soaps by hand in small batches using all-natural ingredients. We first start by melting the coconut, olive and castor oils over a low heat, mixing them slowly. We then dissolve the lye in liquid (water, cold brew coffee, etc.) and add this to the oil to start the saponification process.

Saponification is the soap making chemical process that will turn split most of the oil into its salt and glycerin compounds. As we stir the lye with the oil this process starts immediately and the mixture turns to a pudding-like consistency.

It’s at this moment we add the sweet almond oil to make our soap even more moisturizing. We also add any exfoliants (i.e. coffee grinds, calendula petals) and any essential oils.

Once all the ingredients are mixed we pour the liquid soap into a custom-made wooden mold to settle over the next 24 hours. When the soap is solid, we remove it from the mould, cut, and weight each bar, setting it on our drying racks to cure for 4 weeks. After curing, we re-weight each bar for consistency.

Each one of our bars is handled with love and has it’s own unique properties. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy making it for you!