Hi, we are Andrea + Brian. Cabin 416 is a reflection of our personalities and our beliefs. We started Cabin 416 out of a desire for quality, hand-crafted + all-natural products that feel incredible.

We believe in living with purpose and we think that caring for yourself, others, and the planet is essential.

While our home is in Toronto, we ground ourselves in the Canadian Wilderness. We think there is poetic beauty and power found in the tranquility of the forests, trees, lakes and mountains.

No matter where you live, we want you find that grounding place of solitude that helps you find your purpose. We hope our products can help.

Happy exploring!



Our products are made the old-fashioned way, by hand. We use a select number of quality ingredients that we personally test before offering it to you. We strive for our products to feel good and be good for you.

We think the unique properties and imperfections add character and the extra time and care it takes makes a quality product that you can see and feel.


From our ingredients to our process, we believe in operating with responsibility and care for our planet. This includes using recycled materials in our packaging, creating less waste, and always using natural ingredients.

With Love

We make products we love using raw materials we also love. Whether it’s local coffee grinds or organic coconut oil, we believe our products should be a reflection of the things we are most passionate about.